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1    Lincoln Suite
2    Hoosier Suite
3    William Henry Harrison
         Presidential Suite

4    Gen. John Hunt Morgan

5    Walter Gresham Room
6    Squire Boone Room
7    Governor's Suite
8    Sallie Kintner
         Honeymoon Suite

9    Dennis Pennington Room
10  Schoolmaster's Room
14  Innkeeper's Room

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Dining Room


Lincoln Suite
Room #1 -- $149-$169

    BED  8' Carved Walnut, circa 1800
    DRESSER  Marble top, Walnut wood, carved grapevine designed handles

     When the Hoosier State was admitted to the Union in 1816, Thomas Lincoln and his wife Nancy brought their children, nine-year-old Sarah and seven-year-old Abraham to Indiana in the great migration of settlers from Kentucky. The Lincoln's 125-mile journey to their new home took two weeks by horse and wagon. Tom built his family a log cabin in the small community of Little Pigeon, which later became Carter Township of Spencer County. He built a loft in the cabin that could be reached by ladder for Abe's room, which he later shared with his stepbrothers from the Johnson family. As a skilled carpenter, Tom also helped build the Doe Run Inn across the Ohio in Brandenburg, Kentucky.
      From 1819 through 1825, Abraham Lincoln attended three schools in Southern Indiana. The schools were "subscription schools" which cost the Lincoln's a dollar or two for each child per school term. Lincoln's first teacher was Andrew Crawford, who taught him Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Manners. Lincoln SuiteThe second schoolmaster, James Swaney, is credited with introducing Abe to some of the finest textbooks of the day. Abe walked four and one-half miles to Swaney's school and was unable to attend regularly. Lincoln's last schoolmaster, and the best of the three, was Agel Dorsey. Lincoln's formal school days were over by the time he was sixteen, however, Abe received a practical education from the family farm, the woods and the river.
      After the death of his wife Hancy Hanks Lincoln, and his daughter Sarah, Tom Lincoln remarried. In March of 1830, he sold his two tracts of land in Indiana - one of eight acres and one of twenty acres and prepared to move to Macon County, Illinois.
      Abraham Lincoln spent fourteen years of his youth in Southern Indiana. He became the sixteenth President of the United States, and made his place in the history of the nation and in the hearts of the world.
      Early records indicate Josiah Lincoln, Abraham's uncle, was an occasional guest in the Kintner House. He lived many years in Southern Indiana and died in Blue River Township north of Corydon.