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1    Lincoln Suite
2    Hoosier Suite
3    William Henry Harrison
         Presidential Suite

4    Gen. John Hunt Morgan

5    Walter Gresham Room
6    Squire Boone Room
7    Governor's Suite
8    Sallie Kintner
         Honeymoon Suite

9    Dennis Pennington Room
10  Schoolmaster's Room
11  Joe Zimmerman Room
14  Innkeeper's Room
15  Spier Spencer Room
16  Drummer's Room

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Dining Room


Joe Zimmerman Room

  BED - Jenny Lind - Quilt, Lone Star Pattern
CHEST - English Mahogany, circa 1800
SECRETARY-BOOKCASE - Oak, paperweights on inside made by Joe Zimmerman
LAMPS - Handmade glass, donated by Bart and Kerry Zimmerman
WASHSTAND - Marble Top & Towel Rack
AREA RUGS - Handmade by Bonnie Hayes

     Among the notable citizens in Corydon's recent history was Joe Zimmerman. Not only was Joe loved and admired by those who knew him, he was a catalyst in Corydon's tourism development.
      Joe Zimmerman, a glass artisan, owned and operated the Zimmerman Art Glass Company for over twenty years. He produced hand crafted glass items which people across the country have added to their prized collections. Each item was made by Joe with painstaking care and no two pieces were exactly alike. He had three passions in life: his work, his Tuesday fishing day, and the family he was so proud of: Daughter Josie, and sons Bart and Kerry.
      Zimmerman's love of his craft was handed down from his grandfather, Frederick Zimmerman, who had been an expert glass presser at the U.S. Glass Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Frederick passed his appreciation for fine offhand glass and schooling in the finer points of glass judgment to his son Victor, who in turn passed the family talent to his son Joe.
      Victor Zimmerman, Joe's father, started working in glass factories at Marion, Indiana at ten years of age and was engaged in glasswork throughout his career. Victor had experience in several factories before he joined the Corydon Enterprise, a lamp chimney factory. On May 4, 1923, Victor and his wife Daisy were blessed with a son, Joe.
      In 1938, Joe started spending summer vacations as a glass worker at the Corydon Enterprise putting crimps on the tops of lamp chimneys. He also helped his father make paperweights.
      Joe began in earnest to master the skills of offhand glass production at Glass Handcrafters, a Corydon factory where his father had become chief glass artisan. Later in 1957, while his father lay ill from a stroke, Joe worked constantly to improve his skills, taking pieces home for his dad's critical judgment and advice about how to improve the glass products.
      In May of 1963, Joe and a business partner opened Zimmerman Art Glass Company. Joe continued developing his talent and created a wide variety of art glass objects. His beautiful paper weights were among the most popular items. He also designed doorstops, pencil and ring holders, baskets, vases, candleholders, lamps, and a wide variety of decorator items. Joe welcomed visitors to the factory, where he demonstrated and explained the glass making process. His unique art objects were displayed and sold the the thousands of tourists and glass collectors who visited Corydon -- some were even shipped abroad. People were as drawn to Joe Zimmerman, the delightful man, as they were to his glass collectibles.
      A short in the electrical system at Zimmerman Art Glass Company caused a fire February 20, 1983, which destroyed the factory. An outpouring of help came from within the community as well as throughout the country. The encouragement and donations Joe received enabled him to rebuild a state-of-the-art building. When he opened the doors of his new factory, he was joined by two enthusiastic partners, his sons Bart and Kerry. The threesome worked together, with Joe passing the family tradition and talent to the fourth generation of Zimmerman glass artisans. Bart and Kerry were apt learners and soon became vital to the business.
      Admirers and loved ones were devastated to learn Joe Zimmerman had been shot to death in his glass factory on July 29, 1986. The community mourned the loss of its friend and highly valued businessman. Sons Bart and Kerry Zimmerman have continued operating the Zimmerman Art Glass Company as their father would have wished. They have proved to be as able and talented as Joe and are encouraged by the community to continue the fine craftsmanship taught by their father.
     The Zimmerman Art Glass Company is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m. til 5:00 p.m., 300 E. Chestnut St., Corydon.